“Dags för…” with Vanessa Curley-Wilhelmson

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Vanessa Curley-Wilhelmson, a positively exuberant lady strolled into our office one day, hoping to discuss the possibilities of us designing a logo for a project she is working on; “Dags för” that is very dear to her heart.

Vanessa Curley

Mission Statement:

“Dags för…” was founded on the principle that Autism is what you have, not who you are. By teaching independent living skills, children with autism gain autonomy and grow in confidence as they learn to trust in themselves and develop into adults using the best of their abilities.

Vision Statement:

“Dags för…” aspires to establish independent life skills for the individual through learning Yoga, Arts & Music and How to Cook and thereby to improve the quality of life for the autism and special needs community. By working together, parents and kids can gain confidence, make friends, learn new skills and make progress toward achieving their short term and long term life goals.

Working with Lena and her team @Graphiken aligns with our mission. “Dags för…” empowers individuals to trust in themselves, gain confidence in their abilities and attain independence in harmony with our global environment. Visually, Lena captured the essences of our company and built a logo to reflect our ideology. Thank you @Graphiken for reflecting our ideas and allowing us to do our best and be our best.”  – Vanessa Curley-Wilhelmson of Dags för…

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